Ellen D. Wagner, Ph.D. CV

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WEBSITE                                      https://www.linkedin.com/in/ellenwagner/


TWITTER                                      http://twitter.com/edwsonoma           


Ph.D. University of Colorado – Boulder: Educational Psychology.

                                                   M.S., University of Wisconsin – Madison: Information Systems.

                                                   B.A., University of Wisconsin – Madison: History, Spanish.


FOUNDER and MANAGING PARTNER, North Coast EduVisory Services, LLC, March, 2019 – Present ). North Coast EduVisory Services, LLC, is an advisory practice that guides enterprises through digital transformation initiatives. We guide stakeholders through the complexities of emerging technologies implementation used in digital transformation initiatives in higher education and research-to-practice initiatives in the public and private sector.

Professional engagements through North Coast EduVisory Services have include the following:

  • Interim Executive Director, Association for Educational Communications and Technology, July, 2021 – Sept, 2022. Bloomington, Indiana.
  • Affiliated Senior Scientist, Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Laboratory, Institute for Simulation and Training, School of Modeling, Simulation and Training (SMST), University of Central Florida, Orlando, Fl. October, 2019 – Present.
  • Editorial Board, eLearn Magazine.  2017- Present
  • Reviewer, Journal of Computers in Higher Education, 2018 - Present
  • Advisory Board, OEB (Online Educa Berlin) Conference 2014 – Present
  • Trustee, Educational Communications Technology Foundation 2017- 2021.
  • Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Applied Instructional Design, 2012-2015; 2017-2023.
  • Steering Committee Member, IEEE – LTSC IC Industry Connections Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering (ICICLE), 2017 – 2021.  www.ieeicicle.org. Chair of Learning Engineering Among the Professions SIG, 2017 –2021. Co-Chair, first annual ICICLE Conference, Spring, 2019.
  • Defining Student Success, Student Success Data Definitions Committee, a project of the Higher Learning Commission. funded by the Lumina Foundation, 2017 – 2019.
  • Affiliate Faculty Member, Division of Learning Technologies, College of Education, George Mason University, May, 2017 – June 2019

HOBSONS, Vice President Research. (http://www.hobsons.com), 3033 Wilson Blvd, Arilngton, VA 22201. (January, 2016 –  March 2018). Joined Hobsons following the acquisition of the independent, not-for-profit organization, the Predictive Analytics Reporting (PAR) Framework. Responsible for transitioning PAR’s research and effective practice agenda focused on student success strategies and tactics that produce demonstrable results related to college progress, retention and completion to the Hobsons product organization.

SAGE ROAD SOLUTIONS, LLC, Partner and Senior Analyst. (2008-2015). Responsible for management and business consulting focused on driving value in learning and elearning industries. Focused on learning technology market development, and multi-channel learning, education, training and performance support solutions, executive and business analysis services. Retainer relationships included:

  • Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, PAR (Predictive Analytics Reporting) Framework, 2011 –2015. (http://parframework.org) 401 Providence St, Chapel Hill, NC  27514 (retained services with Sage Road Solutions as PAR transitioned from grant project to an independent, collaborative, non-profit student success venture.)
  • Senior Advisor to David Longanecker, President and CEO, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (http://www.wiche.edu), 3035 Center Green Drive Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80301.
  • Vice President, Technology, WICHE, and Executive Director, WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies, WCET http://wcet.wiche.edu. 3035 Center Green Drive, Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80301. Successfully returned WCET to profitability; re-established organizational focus on accelerating adoption of learning technologies innovation; executive sponsor of the $5 million PAR Framework initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (retained services contract with Sage Road Solutions; Sage Road Solutions obtained four rounds of grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to fund the PAR Framework inception, design, development and implementation).

ADOBE SYSTEMS, INC. Sr. Director, Worldwide eLearning, Adobe Systems. 
321 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95110 (2007 - 2008). Responsible for driving Adobe corporate strategy and thought leadership for worldwide elearning products and solutions aimed at global financial services, government, education, pharmaceutical, media, telecommunications and manufacturing markets. Supports product development, enterprise sales, customer and channel partner enablement programs, VC investments, worldwide software solutions marketing. Helped to drive $270+ million in cross product revenue for elearning in all the vertical markets Adobe serves; creating repeatable cross-product elearning solutions for worldwide markets. Founded the Adobe eLearning Summit, which continues to this day.

ADOBE SYSTEMS, INC. Sr. Director, eLearning Solutions Marketing,
Adobe Systems, Inc.  345 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95110 (2005 – 2007)  

Responsible for establishing Adobe System’s elearning solution strategy and Go-To-Market planning following the Macromedia acquisition. Responsibilities include development of a wide variety of lead-generating field marketing activities; and design of enablement of customer, channel partners and sales assets and programs. Helped establish Adobe as an eLearning thought leading organization in higher education, learning, training and corporate education markets.

MACROMEDIA, INC. Senior Director, Global Higher Education, Macromedia, Inc.
601 Townsend Street, San Francisco CA 941033 (2002 –2005).

Responsible for directing the worldwide higher education business. Helped to drive $103 million in cross-product revenue, representing 25% of Macromedia’s total revenue at time of acquisition by Adobe. Created repeatable cross-product solutions, managed marketing programs for global post-secondary campaigns, produced enablement assets for customer, channel partners and sales organizations. Established/maintained Macromedia as a thought leader in international educational technology.

VIVIANCE NEW EDUCATION, AG. Chief Learning Officer and Director of Learning, Viviance AG new education. Zwinglingstrasse 45, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland.  (2000-2001).  Oversaw multi-national design and development teams creating elearning courses and programs for education, manufacturing, telecommunications, high tech and financial services companies in North America and nine European countries. Supervised staff of 100 and teams of 3rd party development partners.

INFORMANIA, INC. 444 De Haro, Suite 128, San Francisco, CA  94107, 1994-2000.

Chief Learning Officer and Vice President, Consulting Services, 1998-2000

Vice President, Consulting Services, 1996–1998.

Principal Consultant, 1994-1995.

Directed all engagements related to designing and developing customized learning, training and performance support systems and certification programs. Customers included but were not limited to Cisco Systems, Novell, HP, IBM, AT&T, Well Fargo, Kaiser Permanente, Apple, Motorola, Nortel, Western Governors University, Sun Microsystems, Volkswagen, ABB, Norsk Hydro, National Security Agency, US Department of Defense, US Department of Commerce, US Department of Education.  Guided Informania’s acquisition by Viviance new education AG.


  • Associate Professor, Educational Technology, 1989-94. Tenured, 1989. Department Chair, 1987-91.

Campus Coordinator of Instructional and Research Technologies, Academic Affairs, 1993-94

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, 1991-93. Visiting Scholar, (sabbatical) Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications. Public policy analysis on telecommunications industry issues affecting the education and government customers.

  • Project Director and Principal Investigator, Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications... and Learning for All: Model Programs and Practices Transforming Education. Funded by the U. S. Department of Education Office of Educational Research and Improvement under #R117L10023. Work products included:
  • …and Learning for All: Where Learning is Headed in America. Seven 30–minute video program series produced by KRMA-TV6, Denver CO. Distributed by the Public Broadcasting System, Alexandria, VA.
  • …and Learning for All Resource Directory: Model Programs and Practices Transforming Education. Boulder, CO: Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. Aurora, CO: MidContinent Regional Education Laboratory.
  • …And Learning For All Community/Town Hall Meetings on Education. Produced and distributed by Jones InterCable, Inc. Englewood, Colorado

Director, Western Institute for Distance Education, 1989-91

  • Assistant Professor of Educational Technology, 1983-89. Responsible for undergraduate teacher education advising, for graduate media certification advising and for masters and doctoral program oversight and advising for education psychology and education technology students. Areas of specialization include cognition and instructional design. Developed first Ph.D. and M.A. programs in Educational Technology in the State of Colorado approved by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. Founder, Colorado Learning Network.


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